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Matthew B. Broaddus

Available at Amazon or your local bookstore

After his parents’ disappearance, Phineas must decide if he can trust the shadowy creature Raven, who says he can help Phineas find them. Along the way, Phineas and his friends encounter danger, mystery, murder, and discover family secrets hidden for decades.

So! You think you can trust your shadow?

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Available at Amazon or your local bookstore

After six months of fruitless searching for Malcom and Silas, Phineas is losing hope. That is until Raven returns with a message from Malcom-a message that takes Phineas on a faraway adventure and puts him on a collision course with Malcom's dark past and his own future destiny.

The things we hear that oft go bump in the night are not really scary but rather quite broken.

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My Story

I’m an author and educator living in East Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I moved here in 2009, and it has become home. Many of the stories I tell draw from the area's mystery, locations, and history.  

As a former journalist and managing editor of a daily newspaper, I saw first-hand the power of words and stories.


I am passionate about storytelling that respects the audience enough to say something meaningful. 


 Every story gives the opportunity to learn and grow. I now teach university students to tell stories while also getting to tell my own tales. 

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Reviews of Phineas Bleak

This book is full of intrigue. You can see the characters you are reading about—no need for pictures. The book’s characters come to life and you feel like you know them, like you are actually right there with them. Each chapter leaves you wanting to go to the next. It is a hard book to put down because you are always wondering what is going to happen next. 

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